Online catalogue of John Dalton manuscripts

“Correspondence is not a major feature of the collection. Dalton’s own letters tend to be domestic in nature and reveal little of his scientific ideas. However, he received several interesting letters from scientific correspondents…” James Peters writes about the online catalogue for the John Dalton Manuscripts

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Dr James Peters writes:

We are pleased to announce that an online catalogue for the John Dalton manuscripts is now available on ELGAR.

The Dalton manuscripts are one of our most important scientific collections, and are a key part of Manchester’s scientific heritage. Until now, however, discovering information about this collection has been difficult, so this new on-line catalogue will make for greater accessibility.

etching of John Dalton Engraving of John Dalton by J. Stephenson (Dalton Add MS 1).

The Library purchased the collection from the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society in 1979, and it is the largest single collection of documents relating to Dalton. In fact, the Lit & Phil’s collection was once much larger, but in December 1940 a significant portion of it was destroyed during the Manchester ‘Blitz’. Much of the surviving material was disorganised and fire damaged. In the early 1990s, the Library completed a major conservation project for the…

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