Letterlocking workshop at the John Rylands Library

A lovely write up of our Letterlocking workshop from conservator Cecilia Duminuco

Rylands Blog

On the 14th of June, a practical workshop about letterlocking was organised at the John Rylands Library by the John Rylands Research Institute. Jana Dambrogio, conservator at MIT Libraries in the US and Dr Daniel Starza Smith, Lecturer in Early Modern English Literature at King’s College London, shared their knowledge and research about letterlocking. More information about letterlocking can be found on the Letterlocking – Unlocking History website: http://letterlocking.org/

History and introduction to letterlocking.

Starting with some history and background context, we learned that within the 1440 to 1944 time-frame, up to 75 different ways of folding letters have been recorded. Specific ways of folding letters can be linked to specific individuals, but one person can also use different variations on the fold depending on the type of letter (business letters, love letters, or friendship letters) to be sent! Some letters show evidence of “planning”, leaving blank spaces in preparation…

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