The Papers of Peter Good, an accrual to the Dave Cunliffe Archive

News of acquisitions at the Rylands that include letters and a zine with a postage stamp on the front.

Rylands Blog

Bruce Wilkinson writes:

Dave Cunliffe spent much of the early 1970s in Blackburn’s alternative bookshop Amamus. Increasingly a magnet for much of the town’s underground activity it was here that he met anarchist Peter Good recently arrived from a Welsh commune. Good painstakingly hand-printed prankster magazine Anarchism Lancastrium (AL) a few miles away in Whalley from where he walked to sell his publication. According to Mike Waite’s paper “Remembering Anarchism Lancastrium – Notes on ‘the Cult Seventies Prankster’ 1974-1981” (2002) Cunliffe contributed a range of material to the tract under a variety of aliases and, using insider knowledge from Arthur Moyse, spread salacious gossip about political activists making as much mischief as possible. Printed on recycled newspaper, cardboard boxes and anything else Good could find, AL often came with pull-out extras including anti-fascist beermats and revolutionary stickers (‘Too many chiefs not enough anarchists’) which he asked readers to distribute.


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